News from the Board

Spring 2020 Updates from SDWF Board President, Susan Howe

I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Although we aren’t able to meet together in person, SDWF is starting to implement many of the goals outlined in our new 3-year Strategic Framework, including offering a robust menu of online learning and social gatherings for our members.

This framework builds on SDWF’s twenty years as a leader in collective philanthropy – our Strategic Planning Committee stood on the shoulders of the visionary women who came before us in founding SDWF and leading previous strategic planning processes.

The framework lays the groundwork for growth and continuous improvement, while celebrating and building on our core strengths and treasured traditions.

In the coming years, we will expand on what works well: shared learning, collective decision-making, flexible participation, and local impact.

We’ll also continue to evolve to meet our community’s changing needs, with a commitment to philanthropic leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion.

The framework was developed with robust member feedback, and you can see the full document here.

Connection is the heart of what we do – we create space for community-minded women to connect, and we connect members to our incredible nonprofit partners.

We aren’t able to gather in person for the moment, but we are finding innovative ways to stay connected. Our committees hold their meetings with video and dial-in options, and we’ve put together an exciting virtual learning series designed to keep us engaged and informed.

I look forward to seeing you at our next virtual gathering!

Susan Howe

SDWF President