News from the Grants Executive Committee

Spring 2020 Updates from GEC Chairs, Janice Kurth and Marnie Klein

SDWF is proud to be a responsive and supportive partner to local nonprofits. Our recently adopted Strategic Framework laid out several steps for us to stay on the forefront of best practice and effective grantmaking, including moving toward general operating support rather than program-restricted funding.

Given the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on local nonprofits (see this USD study for more details), we have taken this step immediately, to help our trusted Community Partners weather this crisis – and to acknowledge the reality that all community-serving organizations are having to adapt in these highly unusual times.

For our Cycle 19 Community Partners, whose work addresses human trafficking: any remaining funds have been made unrestricted.

For our Cycle 20 Community Partners, those we have just funded: as long as their work serves the target population(s) in some way, the grants are likewise unrestricted.

Many local funders have taken similar steps this spring. This shift allows nonprofits to be more nimble as they adapt to rapidly-changing circumstances. Our Community Partners have expressed deep gratitude – in at least one case, this shift has helped them to keep staff employed, allowing them to continue to provide much-needed service both now and once the crisis has passed.

Thank you to all SDWF members who voted last month, and to all those who helped develop the Strategic Framework – our diverse perspectives and collective wisdom are the key to our effective grantmaking.

Janice Kurth and Marnie Klein,

Grants Executive Committee Chair and Vice-Chair