Absolutely not! We welcome anyone who wants to join in our collective philanthropy. Join online today!

There is no required time commitment. SDWF is a “No Guilt” organization – and we mean it! We offer many ways to be engaged in our philanthropy, and you can be involved at whatever level makes sense for you. No meetings or events are mandatory for members.

We offer lots of ways to get involved in our collective philanthropy.

Many members participate in our flagship grants process. Our selection process is completely driven by members, from researching possible funding areas, to proposal review and site visits, to voting in our final funding decision. Our selection process is “pop in, pop out,” meaning that you can participate in any stage without committing to the other stages.

Members looking for deeper engagement can serve on an SDWF committee. Any member can serve on any committee, which include Membership, Programs, Finance, Governance, Development, and various grants committees.

We also offer social and educational events throughout the year for members to connect with each other and learn to be more effective philanthropists.

SDWF has two billing cycles: If you joined between January and May, your contribution is due on March 1. If you join between June and December, your contribution is due on September 1. SDWF will send you a renewal reminder each year.

If you pay via credit card, you can also choose to pay via monthly installment.

New members may join SDWF at any time.

You can pay your membership contribution in the way that makes sense for you, including:

  • A check made payable to The San Diego Women’s Foundation.
  • Payment by credit card.
  • Payment by stock or from a Donor Advised Fund. Contact SDWF for details.
  • Matching Funds from Employer. Many organizations support their employee’s charitable contributions with matching funds. The SDWF encourages all members to seek additional contributions through employer matching fund programs.

More details are available on payments options on our Join Us page.

All contributions to the San Diego Women’s Foundation are fully tax-deductible.

None! We provide the training and information that you need to make effective, informed decisions as part of our grantmaking process. You will also be working with more experienced members who will help you understand the process and best practices.

All members will receive invitations via email for all stages of our annual grants process – so keep an eye on your inbox! You can also contact SDWF staff at any time with questions.

SDWF grants always benefit underserved communities in the San Diego region.

Our specific focus are changes each year, based on emerging need and community priorities. Our DIG (Discovery-Inquiry-Guidelines) Committee conducts extensive research each year to determine priority issues where SDWF funding can have significant impact.

SDWF benefits from a strong partnership with SDF. SDWF is a supporting organization of SDF, meaning that we work together toward our aligned goal of increasing philanthropic engagement in the region.

  • SDWF is housed at SDF and have full access to SDF work spaces, technology and IT, administrative services, etc.
  • SDWF receives support from the SDF’s professional staff, including their Finance, Marketing and Impact teams. This allows SDWF staff to focus on our members and mission, without juggling many administrative tasks. It also means that our books and our grantmaking benefit from the oversight of the SDF team.
  • SDWF staff are employees of SDF who are leased full-time to SDWF. SDWF salaries and benefits are paid by SDWF, but employees receive full benefits, including health insurance and 401k match, due to being on SDF’s benefits plan.
  • SDWF and SDF have established a Joint Leadership Group, with representation from both organizations’ leadership, to work more closely together in strategic alignment.

SDWF is an independently registered nonprofit, and we have our own 501(c)3 and independent Board of Directors. We were founded as a supporting organization of San Diego Foundation, meaning that we work together to meet our join mission to engage the community in philanthropy.

Essentially, SDWF has the flexibility and nimbleness of a small nonprofit, but the professional staff support of the large community foundation. This balance allows us to effectively and efficiently achieve our mission.